Past Recipients of the Antelope Valley High School
Hall Of Fame






Mark Bryant                                        Athletics                                              Class of 1978
Patrick Burke                                      Visual Arts                                          Class of 1967
          Jim Carmichael                                    Faculty                                                            1970 – 1982
Steve Chilcott                                     Athletics                                              Class of 1966
          Chuck Keortge                                    Faculty                                                            1969 – 2001
Jermaine Lewis                                   Athletics                                              Class of 1996
      Darwin Ochs                                       Faculty                                                        1967-2002
Burl Patterson                                     Business                                              Class of 1958
Grace Pickus                                       Journalism                                           Class of 1930
Paul Turner                                          Government Service                           Class of 1965
Frank Zappa                                        Music                                                  Class of 1958



Lewis Arnold                                      Athletics                                              Class of 1952
   Alan Chronister                                   Faculty                                               1972 - 2009
James R. Doty, MD                            Science                                                Class of 1973
John Frazier                                         Athletics                                              Class of 1981
   Alfred Guzman                                   Faculty                                                   1964-1982
Lee Sheldon Jaqua                              Business                                              Class of 1939
        Jerry Murnane                                     Athletics                                              Staff   1956 - 1965
Doug Oliver                                        Visual Arts                                          Class of 1960
Frank Roberts                                     Government Service                           Class of 1950
Kay Pederson Ryan                            Journalism                                           Class of 1963



Glen Ralphs                                        Athletics                                              Class of 1938
                     William Ballard                                   Faculty                                                    Band Director 1945 – 1972
 George Fetters                                    Athletics                                              Class of 1967
Craig Jelinek                                       Business                                              Class of 1970
Dr. Daniel Massari                              Community Service                            Class of 1971
Dwayne Murphy                                 Athletics                                              Class of 1973
George Kailiwai III                            Government Service                           Class of 1974
Deitre Collins-Parker                          Athletics                                              Class of 1980
Bruce Hill                                            Athletics                                              Class of 1982

HOF Continued:

Whitford C. Carter                            Community Service                        Volunteer 1920 - 1940
Glen Settle                                          Journalism                                           Class of 1929
Alvin “Antelope Al” Krueger             Athletics                                              Class of 1937
Milt Stark                                            Government Service                           Class of 1938
Dennis Ekimoto                                  Athletics                                              Class of 1958
   Mike Gaechter                                       Athletics                                           Class of 1958
David Rehmann                                  Government Service                           Class of 1960
Wayne Ekimoto                                  Athletics                                              Class of 1962
John Currado                                      Community Service                            Class of 1965
       Frank Jackson                                     Government Service                           Class of 19662012
Jim Slaton                                           Athletics                                              Class of 1968
Howard Sundberg                              Education                                            Class of 1969
         John Lowry                                         Athletics                                              Faculty 1969 – 1996
          Brent Newcomb                                  Athletics                                              Faculty 1969 – 2004
Steve Baker                                         Community Service                            Class of 1970
George Runner                                    Government Service                           Class of 1970
Sharon (Oden) Runner                        Government Service                           Class of 1972
David Vierra                                       Education                                            Class of 1975
Lee D’Errico                                       Athletics                                              Class of 1978
Marco Johnson                                    Education                                            Class of 1983
Sandra (Volta) Johnson                      Education                                            Class of 1984