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The pictures below show the approximate locations of the older AVHS buildings. These are based on the position of the "Bomb Shelter", rooms 320 and 321, currently at the south west corner of the Library Patio and the fact that the stairway of the "Central Building" was positioned to look directly down the center of Lancaster Boulevard.
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1950s Fine Arts building on right. Note the center building is todays room 320 and 321 on the south west corner of the library patio. The western end of the 300 row buildings. Note rooms 320 and 321 building near upper center. Image overlay.
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1950s. The Central Building. Admin building and Library Patio. The Stairway appears to drop down to the area where the flag and flower bed is. Overlay based on the stair's position which was centered to look down the middle of Lancaster Blvd.
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1936 image of the Administration Science building with the Central Building stairs on the right. South end of Wallace Ward Administration building today. Overlay image.
overlay2 overlay2 overlay
1956 South East Corner of the Science Admin building. 2012 image of the east end of the 600 row classes Overlay image