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1950s View of AV High School Science Building hallway (auditorium doors on right)

Antelope Valley was a cattle center during the 1880s. Union Pacific helped create Lancaster as a location for its train depot which moved cattle from the Antelope Valley to Los Angeles. As residents began to move to the valley, educational opportunities for their children were limited. In 1908 a ninth grade class was added to Lancaster's elementary school but most students in the upper grades had to go away to boarding schools in order to complete their secondary education.

In 1912 the first high school, Antelope Valley Union High School, was created in the Womens Independence Hall on the corner of Lancaster Blvd and Cedar. At the time the total enrollment was seven girls and 1 boy. With bonds voted on by the people of Lancaster, Antelope Valley High School was eventually built on its current location and graduated its first class in 1915  In the years that followed, AV High School became the largest school district in the country with students enrolling from the far reaches of the Mojave desert and beyond. To help with this situation, the school supported boarding facilities for those who needed it.    (more to come)

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